Selling Your Home

There are three key tools in selling your home.  One is price, the second is presentation and marketing, the third is negotiating.


With my years of extensive experience pricing homes in Niagara, we develop a full market analysis to determine first the expected market value of your home, and then second a list price.  List price and market value are often not the same, list price depends on several factors such as motivation to sell, inventory availability, time of year, current market conditions etc.  After coming up with the estimated market value, we evaluate all the variables that go into the list price and collectively with you we select the list price that best suits your selling objectives. Pricing is such a critical step, pricing a home in a Seller’s market is very different from pricing a home in a Buyer’s market, you need a team with in-depth experience in all types of market conditions!

Presentation and marketing

How do you get other realtors and potential buyers excited about a property?  PRESENTATION!  Presentation is crucial, and so often overlooked by todays realtors, where you still see dark listing photos taken on cell phones, with rooms that are cluttered, and write ups that do no do their listings justice.  When you list with the Barry Team, you get best in class marketing of your home.


As a top Niagara Real Estate Sales Representative, I have honed my negotiating skills over many years, whether it’s competing on home purchases or negotiating on behalf of sellers, we have seen it all and know all the tricks.  Rest assured that when you list with our team not only do you get best in class marketing, you get best in class negotiating in order to help meet and exceed your selling objectives.


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